Biography of Murakami Yusuke

Born in Osaka. Currently, he is hosting a movie production organization “indust-film” based in Tokyo, and continues to make films that focus on human dramas with the motto of making independent and handmade films. The artist he respects is Christopher Nemeth. The first feature film “PIECES” won the Humanitarian Award at the Monaco International Film Festival and the SKIP City International D-Cinema Film Festival. Awarded the Nakanoshima Film Festival (Osaka) Grand Prix for “Healing eachother”. “I need you.” was selected as a special remark work by the Japan Art Center. Murakami’s style is often referred to by Director Yasujiro Ozu due to being fixed camera angle. As with Ozu movies, the cameras do not move. Even one bread has no panning or zooming and a fixed focus, it intends the audience will look at the screen without being guided. However, the style of editing is completely different from that of Ozu movies. Murakami edits the scene by himself, but he creates a number of fixed shots repeated to feel a unique rhythm throughout the movie. And the theme he deals with is about the loneliness of the people, director Murakami continually creates his work that carefully treat the daily life of people who live in modestly in one corner.